24 February 2006

Egypt promotes Red Sea causeway!

Egypt is promoting a $3 billion causeway across the Red Sea linking Sharm el-Sheikh resort with Saudi Arabia's northwestern Duba port in the wake of another ferry tragedy.

The causeway or bridge would begin north of Sharm and cross the Straits of Tiran.

The project was first made public two years ago when the Egyptian transport minister at the time said the two countries were planning to establish a causeway across the Red Sea to facilitate transportation of pilgrims, tourists and cargo. The minister added that the project would cost $3 billion and its implementation would depend on technical studies.

The building work involved would spell danger for reefs already under pressure from hotel building on the Sinai coast. The reefs around Tiran Island are currently the most pristine in this part of the Red Sea.

Source: www.bsactravelclub.co.uk/news


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