21 February 2006

Why do you love South Africa?

I know this is not scuba related but since I live in South Africa, I thought I might share this with the world. Why are South Africans so patriotic? What makes them so passionate about their country? Why do the hairs on the back of their neck stand up?

It's a simple question, yet everyone has their own answer, and all for very different reasons.

Some people have a sense of freedom that was missing for a long time, some people simply like the scenery, whilst others feel that it's a sense of home that you just can't replace with another.

Some people are more political and enjoy the new democracy, some people love it because of the business opportunity, and others just like the lifestyle which they know is unique.

It's an interesting question, and we'd really appreciate it if you'd share your reason with us.

Click here to tell us why you love South Africa?

Here are the comments already posted: http://www.ilovesouthafrica.org/2006/02/06/why-do-you-love-south-africa

Source: Gareth Knight - I love South Africa


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