20 September 2005

Scuba Schools International responds to Hurricane Katrina

To help Hurricane Katrina victims Scuba Schools International is announcing how they will be helping to bring relief to affected SSI Dealers and Dive Leaders.

A Challenge - Donation Match.
Donate to the Red Cross or United Way - send a receipt to SSI Headquarters and Scuba Schools International will match donations up to $20,000. The match will come in the form of SSI products and services that will be given to affected SSI Dealers and Dive Leaders.


  1. Up to $500 product credit for each store damaged by Hurricane Katrina.
  2. Renewal dues will be waived for Dive Leaders who work for SSI Dealers shut down by the hurricane, and inactive Dive Leaders identified as affected by Hurricane Katrina.
  3. Dive Leaders in affected areas can apply for a replacement Instructor Manual (#2101), q-cards (#2127), and PEGs (#2134CD). For Dive Con's, a new DC slate (#3106), Update slate & manual (#4063 & 4061).

Deadline to match donations is October 15, 2005.

Now is the time for all of us to join together in our compassion for the hurricane victims and do whatever we can. Through your generous support we can help people during one of the most difficult times of their lives.

United Way website. http://www.uway.org. Make sure in the gift information, you put it in memory of Hurricane Katrina Fund.

Red Cross website. http://www.redcross.org Click on make a donation and choose the Hurricane Katrina fund.

For any questions about SSI's Challenge or offers contact SSI Headquarters 800.821.4319

Source: www.divenewswire.com


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