04 November 2005

SDI releases new CD-ROM-based training materials

SDI announced that the CD-ROM version of its innovative, second-generation Open Water Diver course, released last month at DEMA, is now shipping.

The course materials include the same, rich multimedia content as SDI's newly revised on-line course, including over 300 new photos and illustrations and more than 25 minutes of new video. It meets the needs of students who demand a more interactive approach to diver training, but who may lack high-speed Internet access.

"Consumers need learning materials that fall outside the traditional 'Textbook/Chalk and Talk' box," explained David Burroughs, SDI Vice President for Sales and Marketing. "The SDI Open Diver Water course reflects exactly what today's market is calling for, and the CD-ROM version broadens the program’s appeal by making it available to folks who want to complete Open Water Diver course academics at their own pace, but who are either on the move or have limited access to the Web at home.

"It's important to note," Burroughs continued, "That the CD-ROM version is a complete program that includes knowledge assessments, final exams, video and animation. This is a perfect addition to SDI's product line because it allows our training partners to offer customers a choice of learning methods that better suits their schedules and lifestyle."

SDI has also released an Electronic Learning Instructor Guide CD-ROM, an essential tool for instructors using the on-line or CD-ROM versions of the SDI Open Water Diver course. The Instructor CD-ROM includes all the materials contained in the student version, plus interactive instructor guides, Power Point presentations, final exams, and quiz and exam answer keys.

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Source: www.divenewswire.com


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