02 December 2005

Dive Gear Review: Two new HID lights by OMS

OMS has two new dive lights available, just in time for Christmas. The first light is the two-part Phantom 10w HID light, which retails for about $650 and features a redesigned, ultra-compact, anodized head with a new captured O-Ring assembly in the lens area and 4 titanium screws to hold down the bezel.

Divers can hold the light in their hand; affix the optional Goodman Handle (for an extra $25); or mount the unit to a helmet.

The second light, the new Phantom flashlight is the smallest 10w HID Flashlight in the world and incorporates 6 High energy density Lithium non-rechargeable batteries. The overall length of the flashlight is only 7½ inches. The unit retails for around $625.

Both lights incorporate new high energy density Lithium battery technology designed for underwater applications, and a similar PCB, magnetic reed switch and thermal cutoff.

Source: www.divester.com


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