09 December 2005

Singapore adventurer to challenge Guinness World Record for scuba dive

Singapore adventurer Khoo Swee Chiow plans to challenge the Guinness World Record for the longest scuba dive next week, Channel NewsAsia reported Thursday.

As the current record is 212 hours 30 minutes, or less than nine days, Khoo hopes that his dive could last for ten days from December 16 to 25.

He will not be allowed to surface but can take a break for five minutes every continuous 60 minutes during his dive.

Main challenges include dehydration, nausea and vertigo, the report said, while boredom is regarded as the toughest by Khoo.

The adventurer is said to have completed the so-called " Adventure Grand Slam" after conquering the North and South Poles as well as the Seven Summits.

In August this year, Khoo, who learned freestyle swimming just a year ago, attempted to swim across the English Channel but failed.

Source: english.people.com.cn and www.channelnewsasia.com


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