09 December 2005

Australia: Researchers record nearly 3,000 whales in annual migration

Scientists have begun analysing the results of a land and sea survey of the annual migration of the humpback whale along the east coast of Australia.

Staff at Southern Cross University's Whale Research Centre in northern New South Wales have spent 12 weeks taking DNA samples and photographing the whales.

PhD student Dan Burns says nearly 3,000 whales have made their way up the coast this season.

Mr Burns says there were a few surprises from the survey.

"We saw a little dwarf minke whale and also bryde's whales on a couple of days and we had a mum and calf southern right whale which we saw on two separate days," he said.

"We're starting to see more and more southern right whales, historically they weren't really seen any further north than about Sydney."

Source: www.abc.net.au/news


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