02 December 2005

Do you panic when scuba diving?

Over half of all divers report feeling panic at one time or another. Divester sheds more light on this issue.

If you're interested in learning about panicking underwater (or, more rightly: learning how to prevent panicking underwater!), then you might want to bop over to the Why Files.

In the Files, Dr. Morgan, a medical doctor specializing in diver panic studies, reveals that over half of all divers report feeling panic at one time or another, even advanced divers who suffer from "the blue orb syndrome".

Morgan also talks about the types of diving activities most likely to induce panic, but - annoyingly - glosses over things divers can do to reduce the likelihood of panicking.

So I found some additional information, wherein a different psychologist provides some tips on how to prevent panic from setting in. Among his tips are:

Improve you physical fitness.
Improve your knowledge of diving.
Practice your emergency responses.
Know your limits.
Improve psychological fitness.
Use appropriate equipment.
Know, and have confidence in, your dive buddy.

Have fun. Be prepared. Dive safe.

Thanks to www.divester.com for this great article


At 9:28 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Anybody there would recommend a good diving school in SA?

At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

William Morgan is not a medical doctor.


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