18 January 2006

DAN SA members not affected by DAN America Insurance and recompression treatment lawsuit

DAN Southern Africa releases a press release on their website to assure members their insurance is fully accepted by the SSS Network.

Many of you may have read about a recent series of press releases concerning DAN insurance for recompression services and an ongoing dispute between DAN America and one of the large, international chamber network operators – SubAquatic Safety Services (SSS).

We want to assure you, that this problem only relates to DAN America.

DAN Southern Africa insurance is not adversely affected in any way nor is the good relationship we have with this international chamber network operator. The same is true for DAN Europe and DAN Japan.

As many of us already know from personal experience with medical aids and medical insurance companies within Southern Africa, the issue of treatment costs is constantly being debated.

However, DAN SA sought to engage this chamber operator in a series of negotiations several years back, and we have a sensible and realistic agreement with them that is respected by both parties. Unfortunately DAN America has not achieved this level of agreement and what you have read is the consequence of this problem. It is actively being addressed and should be resolved within the next two months.

Importantly, DAN SA members can be confident that your insurance is fully accepted by the SSS Network, its affiliates, and in fact all treatment centers we have worked with over the past 10 years of serving our members. It is only DAN America members that have been issued with the cautionary notification.

Yours Sincerely,

Frans J. Cronjé, MD

President & CEO - DAN Southern Africa

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Source: www.dansa.org


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