13 January 2006

RegalDive offer new resort in Egypt's deep south

BSAC Preferred Travel Partner, Regaldive, are now offering holidays to a new resort in Egypt's deep south region - Hamata.

180km south of Marsa Alam, Hamata is the southernmost diving resort in the Egyptian Red Sea and offers divers immaculate, uncrowded dive sites and ultimate relaxation away from the crowds.

Recommended for experienced divers, the pristine sites of the region are characterised by warm waters, excellent visibility and exquisite coral varieties. The legendary Fury Shoal is right on the doorstep of Hamata, offering guests over 35 recognised dive sites within two hours' boat ride of the dive centres.

Once the sole preserve of liveaboards, the pristine sites of the region are still relatively undived. However, with direct flights now available into Marsa Alam throughout the year, the Hamata area is becoming more accessible to divers.

More details in the next edition of BSAC Traveller, due out in February. Or visit Regaldive

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Source: www.bsactravelclub.co.uk/news


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