24 February 2006

Important new materials released by Technical Diving International

TDI announces all new Advanced Wreck Student Manual and support materials.

Topsham Maine Technical Diving International (TDI) released new teaching and training materials today for its popular Advanced Wreck Diver Course. These materials include a newly designed student manual, knowledge review, instructor guide and PowerPoint® presentation conforming to the agency’s new training materials guidelines and presenting the most up-to-date information available to technical divers.

TDI's Advanced Wreck program provides students with the training and hands-on experience to competently conduct advanced wreck dives. The program includes penetration skills and introduces participants to the proper techniques, equipment requirements and hazards of conducting complex wreck dives. The new-look student manual is lavishly illustrated with diagrams and photographs presenting these techniques in a straight-forward, thorough way. The manual is perfect-bound and contains 112 pages.

This release of TDI's Advanced Wreck materials includes a new PowerPoint® presentation which was designed to assist instructors in delivering the course content in a structured, uniform manner and to help students comprehend fully the complex topics covered in the program.

"TDI Advanced Wreck materials are available for immediate shipment" stated David Burroughs VP of Sales and Marketing. He went on to say "This is another in the series of TDI manuals being rewritten and reworked for release during 2006".

To purchase the Advanced Wreck Materials email worldhq@tdisdi.com, call 1 207 729-4201 or contact your regional office.

For more information on TDI visit: www.tdisdi.com

Source: www.divenewswire.com


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