03 February 2006

UK: Divers provide biological boost

British divers are taking an increasing interest in marine life survey, judging by the latest figures from research group Seasearch.

In 2005, Seasearch gathered nationally 850 observation forms, 70 per cent more than in 2004. Survey forms numbered 370, a 162 per cent increase. And 90 reports connected with Seasearch's specific British sea fans survey represented an increase of 104 per cent.

Seasearch projects are co-ordinated by the Marine Conservation Society with the support of conservation groups, governmental coastal management departments, and diving, marine biological and archaeological interests.

This year, Seasearch will take its Observer course to British diving clubs, dive schools or other diving groups wishing to gather underwater observation skills. Its Surveyor course is run on a regional basis. Details can be found on the organisation's website.

Source: www.divernet.com/news


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