13 January 2006

Layang-Layang: Unexplored diving destination

The Layang-Layang atoll is tucked away in the South China Sea, roughly 340 kilometers northwest off Sabah in Borneo.

Here coral reefs plummet to a depth of 2,000 meters and pelagic species are abundant ranging from schooling hammerhead sharks to manta rays. The atoll offers several unique features that attract world-class scuba divers...

--- An amazingly rich and diverse amount of marine life including corals, snappers, batfish, countless schools of small reef fish, gorgonian fans, trigger fish, jacks, humphead parrotfish, turtles, and much more are there to enjoy.

--- Vertical walls plunge to a depth of 2000 meters and are inhabited by varieties of pelagic species, reef fish, and huge gorgonian fans and barrel sponges.

--- Shallower reef plateaus and ledges of the reef drop to a depth of 12 meters. These plateaus are home to various species of schooling reef fish. Coral carpets every square meter of the reef plateau and macro life from the rare to the very bizarre can be found there.

--- The lagoon is the breeding ground or nursery of sorts for the atolls and the marine life that abounds on the reef. Here scuba divers may have encounters with dolphins, migrating whale sharks or even a killer whale. The lagoon is home to juvenile grouper, emperor fish, pipe fish, nudibranchs, gobi, wrasses, shrimp and more macro life!

April through October is the best time to visit. The rainy season is November to March. The water temperature ranges from 79 to 86 degrees (26C to 30C) year round.

To learn more about scuba diving Layang Layang, visit: Layang Layang and Layang Layang with Dive Borneo.

Source: www.divenews.com


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