08 February 2006

Great White sharks are really grey...

Australian Broadcasting began a new series this month designed to teach the public many fascinating facts about great whites and the shark family as a whole.

The program is produced by Sharon Kennedy. It presents the story of Neale as told by Barry Bruce, marine scientist with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO). The six part story follows the entire life-story of Neale, a tagged great white shark...

The first segment is entitled, "A Piercing Encounter" and discusses the tagging of Neale and the overall goals of CSIRO's shark tagging programs. Bruce first met Neale in 2001 when the shark was captured during a trial program involving the satellite tracking of great white sharks.

To read more about Neale and this six part series, visit: Following Neale

Source: www.divenews.com


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