08 February 2006

DAN will conduct dive safety seminars at shows

In 2006, DAN will conduct dive safety workshops at two dive shows, officials of the dive safety organization announced recently.

The two shows are Our World Underwater, in Rosemont, Ill. Feb. 24-26 and Beneath the Sea 2006, in Secaucus, N.J., March 24-26.

Eric Douglas, DAN Training Director, said the purpose of the workshop is entirely mission-related. "It is designed to get the DAN information out, and that starts with medicine," Douglas said.

"In two of three one-hour blocks, DAN medics will discuss
1) Fitness to Dive issues, which includes the physiology and health aspects of diving, and
2) Learning from Dive Injuries and Fatalities.

"The final hour, presented by a member of the DAN Training staff, includes dive safety information divers can use. Participants will learn about the real factors influencing safety in diving and how to become a safer diver."

Joel Dovenbarger, DAN Vice President for Medical Services, said scuba is more than just breathing underwater. "Many divers want practical information to help them better appreciate the physiological factors that affects them while they are breathing compressed gas underwater."

Participants will receive reference materials from the presentation and a certificate of completion from DAN. The cost for the three-hour workshop is $75.

For more information, email Douglas at edouglas@dan.duke.edu.

For registration, visit the shows' websites, listed below:

Our World Underwater
DATE: Feb. 24-26 LOCATION: Donald E. Stevens Convention Center, Rosemont, Ill. http://www.ourworldunderwater.com.

Beneath The Sea 2006
DATE: March 24-26 LOCATION: Meadowlands Exposition Center, Secaucus, N.J.
(Bergen Room on Sat.; Passaic Room on Sun.) http://www.beneaththesea.org

Source: Divers Alert Network


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