08 February 2006

Disability doesn't deter Scottish dive instructor

Fraser Bathgate fell from a wall over two decades ago and became confined to a wheelchair as a result of the injury. Despite the disability, Bathgate, now age 43, went on to learn to dive and then in 1994 became the world's first wheelchair-bound fully qualified scuba diving instructor.

Bathgate credits the sport of scuba diving as being a major confidence builder for people with and without disabilities, giving one the sense that he or she has conquered a body-based limitation enabling the exploration of unseen worlds...

Bathgate spoke with Scotsman News about his experiences with scuba diving: "Underwater you have 360 degree movement. So I've been able to develop and refine techniques that let me use my hands for more movement rather than my legs. I'm also working with companies who have developed special propulsion mechanisms which I'm hoping to use when I train other people."

To read reporter Adrian Mather's complete story in the Scotsman News, visit: The Ability to Conquer Adversity

Source: www.divenews.com


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